The Dollars and Desperation Silencing #MeToo in Music

Sexual misconduct is built into the foundation of the music industry. Our data and the stories of over two dozen women show how culture and labour conditions create a perfect storm for abuse.
Andrea Domanick
Noisey News

The Grammys Need to Accept That They Have a Woman Problem

A new letter sent to members is oddly defensive when the Recording Academy should just hold its hands up and do better.
Lauren O'Neill

If You're Mad as Hell Right Now, You Need U.S. Girls

Meg Remy talks about her new album 'In A Poem Unlimited,' #MeToo, and only being an authority on her own experiences.
Sarah MacDonald
Noisey News

Women Only Won MOBO Awards in One Category That Wasn’t Defined by Gender

Jorja Smith was robbed tbqh.
Noisey UK Staff

Hey Music Industry, Just a Reminder: Women Are People Too

Rick Ross' 'Breakfast Club' interview is just the tip of a gross iceberg for female artists and journalists.
Lauren O'Neill
Welcome To The Club (For Lonely Hearts)

Why Bro Country Is the Sound of My Summer, Every Summer

If 'cracking open a cold one with the boys' had a soundtrack, it would definitely be Luke Bryan.
Emma Garland
Noisey News

If You're Feeling Shaken by the US Election, You Can Email Best Coast About It

Bethany Cosentino has set up an email hotline for those left feeling 'helpless' by the result.
Lauren O'Neill

Criticising Taylor Swift Isn't About Negativity Towards Successful Women, It’s About Vindication

Kim Kardashian’s big reveal doesn’t "character assassinate" anyone; it liberates Kanye from the vilification that Taylor Swift has launched her career off.
Grace Medford

Glastonbury Will Be Opening a Women-Only Venue at This Year’s Festival

"Women only spaces are necessary in a world that is still run by and designed to benefit mainly men."
Daisy Jones
In Memoriam

Prince Wrote About Women In a Way That Most Contemporary Male Artists Still Can't

Women usually exist in men’s songs as passive objects, which is to not exist at all. With Prince, they were addressed with awe and empathy.
Emma Garland

How Do We Penetrate the White Male Roadblock at the Top of the Music Industry?

The Billboard Power 100 has rolled in again to remind us that the music industry isn't exactly a smorgasbord of diversity.
Emma Garland

PREMIERE: Peaches Debuts Very, Very NSFW Video for "Rub"

"Can't talk now 'cause this chick's dick is in my mouth."
Bryn Lovitt