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GAIKA's Revolutionary Music Could Change Everything

Drawing on the legacies of dancehall, trap, and all sorts of other borderless music, the Brixton-raised musician imagines a utopia where the whole world is at his fingertips. And yours too.
Gary Suarez

Moodymann's Nightmares on Wax Remix Is a Subterranean House Destroyer

The oft-masked Detroit mainstay flips the English producer's lowkey dub-pop cut "Deep Shadows" into something more surreal.
Colin Joyce
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The Guide to Getting Into Autechre

The duo’s latest offering is an 8-hour collection of brain-liquifying beats, low hz static, and other shredded software sounds. Most of their catalogue is pretty imposing, so here’s where to start.
Colin Joyce

On 'Atrocity Exhibition,' Danny Brown Finally Faces Himself

The tug-of-war between cleaning up and maintaining the rockstar lifestyle is absent.
Lawrence Burney
Holy Shit

Holy Shit, Danny Brown Just Released His New Album 'Atrocity Exhibition' Early

It features Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt, Kelela, and more and you should go listen to it now, bruh bruh.
Phil Witmer
Holy Shit

Damn, Aphex Twin Keeps Putting Out New Music, This Time Under His Newly Revived Alias AFX

Listen to "Serge Fenix Rendered 2" and get ready for 'Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-2008,' the first AFX release in nearly a decade.
Raffaela Kenny-Cincotta
Longreads Or Whatever

This Is a Hudson Mohawke Story

On the cusp of his release of 'Lantern,' we spent a night in New York with Kanye West's secret weapon. This is what happened.
Eric Sundermann
Objectively Correct Lists

These Are the British Record Labels That Killed It in 2014

We wanted to shine a light on some of the label’s that have chaperoned us through the year. You guys have been fucking great.
Joe Zadeh
Ryan Bassil
Emma Garland
You Need to Hear This

A History Of Warp Records in Eight Releases

David Stubbs, former editor of The Wire magazine and a self-confessed Warp fanatic, charts the history of Britain's bravest record label.