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Tony Hawk Ranks His Video Game Soundtracks

The world's most legendary skateboarder takes a look back at his long-running video game series and plays favourites with its influential soundtracks.
Brendan Menapace
Noisey Hitlist

This New Orleans DIY Band Make Hooky 80s Music to Dance to

They're called Sexy Dex and the Fresh and we're premiering their new video “Play Me Birdie” today.
Daisy Jones
Noisey News

Watch the Trailer for 'Sable,' a New Video Game Soundtracked by Japanese Breakfast

'Sable' is Michelle Zauner's second foray into video games. A new song, "Glider," plays behind the first preview of the game, hinting at more ambient and synthetic sounds from the indie artist.
Alex Robert Ross

The Untold Story of 'The Sims,' Your First Favourite Jazz Record

The songs that soundtracked the game's Build Mode introduced millions of unknowing kids to new age jazz. The musicians behind it were just trying to make something that wouldn't interfere with your landscaping.
Alex Robert Ross

Clear a Path, Motherfuckers, Primal Rite Is Here

Power Trip's Riley Gale talks to vocalist Lucy Xavier about her band's hardcore ethics, the fluidity of gender, and the wisdom of Bruce Lee.
Riley Gale

How FIFA Games Changed Our Tastes in Music

An analysis of the soundtracks in the world’s most beloved soccer video game, from Blur to drum ’n’ bass.
Riccardo Pongetti

Tina Guo Is a Metal Cello Wonder Woman

The Shanghai native has worked with Hans Zimmer on film soundtracks, scored video games, and survived "dragon fireball parenting" to excel on the strings.
Tiffany Hu
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Big Sean, Multimedia Storyteller, Gets Pixellated in "Jump Out the Window" Video

'I Decided...' to become a 16-bit platforming hero.
Phil Witmer
New music

Headbang Wildly to Red Fang's New Album 'Only Ghosts' While Playing Their Puzzle Game 'Fangtris'

The struggles of touring, now in video game form.
Phil Witmer

How Developers Created Alternate Worlds in Iron Maiden’s ‘Legacy of the Beast’ Game

We spoke to Game Director Hamish Millar about the process of creating Iron Maiden’s new mobile game.
Derek Scancarelli
Remembering Things

'Def Jam: Fight for New York' was the Definitely the Best Rap Video Game Ever in Life

'Def Jam: Fight for New York' wasn’t just great because it had rappers in it, but rather because it channeled what made rap fun into a console game.
Action Bastard
Holy Shit

Grimes' "Kill V. Maim" Video is More Everything Than You Can Possibly Imagine

Picture a game of 'Crash Bandicoot' in the world of 'Blade Runner' except also the heroine is wearing Versace, and honestly that's just the beginning.
Kyle Kramer