Holy Shit! So Solid Crew Reunited to Celebrate 20 Years of UKG on Sunday Night

They reformed as part of Boiler Room's '20 Years of UK Garage' season.
Noisey UK Staff
Remembering Things

Burial’s ‘Untrue’ Still Captures London in a Way Unmatched Since

The album’s story is one of loneliness, love, family, ghosts – it continues to sound like the city that birthed it, a decade later.
Jamie Milton
Remembering Things

The Complicated Legacy of So Solid Crew

From murder to charges to BRIT awards, the story of the south London collective is a labyrinthine one involving a cast of more than 20 characters.
Francisco Garcia
End form 696

Form 696 Still Exists and It’s Still Trash: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

London's Met Police risk assessment form was introduced over a decade ago, leading to the voluntary cancellation of high-profile grime gigs, but now there’s a possibility it might finally be revoked.
Daisy Jones

The Enduring Legacy of the 'Pure Garage' Compilation CD

How the iconic series, mixed by DJ EZ, became the mainstream face of a UK genre reaching its pinnacle.
Sam Diss

Exclusive: Watch Dizzee Rascal Tell the Story of His Lifelong Love for Jungle Music

In this exclusive video from Radar Radio, Dizzee plays records with legendary producer Ray Keith, and goes total fanboy on the scene that made him.
Daisy Jones
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Who Needs The Brits When We Have Culture Clash?

It's an event that can give us pride in our music scene when ceremonies like The Brits do the opposite.
Frederick Macpherson
Holy Shit

Craig David Has Handed Out Another Dose of UKG With New Track “One More Time”

Expect to hear this banging out across Britain's radio stations for the next few months.
Daisy Jones