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#FreeTylertheCreator and Reject Theresa May’s Dumb Logic

Despite being all about flowers and sunshine and love – and putting on the best Primavera performance – he remains banned from the UK.
Emma Garland
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67 on Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and Gardening Gloves

Monkey and LD from the group the latest to take part in our 'People Vs.' series.
Noisey Staff

You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Go to Glastonbury

Nor do you have to be poor to understand why chanting “Jeremy Corbyn” became the theme of this year’s festival.
Ryan Bassil

Watch Indie Legends Ride's New Video for "All I Want"

Their fifth studio album, and first in 21 years, is out tomorrow.
Alex Robert Ross
Noisey News

Frightened Rabbit Make the Political Personal on "Fields of Wheat"

Their song in response to the UK general election was tagged "#Fuck The Tories" on Soundcloud.
Alex Robert Ross

Vote: for Drugs, for Sex, for Equality, for You and for Life

Show this post to your grandparents or friends or anyone who wants the good life.
Ryan Bassil

That "Liar Liar" Song Is Bad But So Are the Tories, So Play It Anyway

The Captain Ska track is on course to become UK number 1, even if the BBC won't air it tomorrow.
Ryan Bassil
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A Deep Dive Into This 'Conservative Friends of India' Campaign Song Made for Theresa May

Most importantly: how does it compare to other Indian language songs written on behalf of Zac Goldsmith and David Cameron?
Lauren O'Neill
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How and Why Has "Mr Brightside" Never Left the UK Charts?

An Important Roundtable Discussion.
Noisey UK Staff
Noisey News

Frank Ocean Went For Dinner At the White House, Took His Mum and Wore Checkerboard Vans

Obama's final state dinner marked the end of an era.
Noisey Staff
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An Investigation Into Theresa May's Proper Horrible Taste in Music

May told the BBC's 'Desert Island Discs' that if you were trapped on an island with her, all she would play is Abba, church music, and clips from 'Yes Minister' – which bodes well for Britain.
Angus Harrison

Wait a Minute, Why Is Tyler the Creator Banned from the UK If Donald Trump Isn't?

What’s worse? Fictional lyrics written under an alter ego when you’re eighteen? Or an ongoing verbal assault conducted on a world stage consisting of hate, racism, sexism, and prejudice?
Joe Zadeh