Important Questions Raised By...

Kids Don’t Know How CDs Work – Is That a Bad Thing?

"Maybe its just the generation Z in me but how did people burn CDs?" asks a 17-year-old. "Like how did you just get a blank CD and put songs on it?"
Ryan Bassil
Important Questions Raised By...

I Asked Ravers What Dance Music Festivals Will Look Like in 2050

Where better to find out about the future of rave culture than from a bunch of high people in a field?
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
Future Days

Stop Trusting the Robots

With the state of SoundCloud in question and Spotify's growing influence, we must consider how we consume the music we love—and what that means for the future.
Drew Millard
Coldplay Alert!

Hell Is Real and It Sounds Like This Kinda Lit Coldplay and Chainsmokers Song

You were honestly hoping this collab would be "Something Just Like This," weren't you?
Kyle Kramer

Wayne Coyne Is Ready for the Apocalypse

"They've probably been tolerating us for a long, long time, wishing they could kill us." The Flaming Lips frontman takes on Trump, creativity, and the band's surreal new album, 'Oczy Mlody.'
Andrea Domanick

An Ode to the Digital Download, and Its Impending Death

What happens when the future dies before it’s happened?
Angus Harrison
Noisey News

Your Headphones Can Be Used to Spy On You Now, Because Everything is Evil in 2016

Everything can be hacked and nothing is sacred.
Lauren O'Neill
The Greatest Things Of All Time

How Beautiful Is Whatever Frank Ocean Building About to Be?

Have you ever seen a sunset that moved you to tears? Imagine that.
Noisey Staff
Breaking News

The Brits Start Down Path to Addressing Diversity Issues With Survey of Voting Academy

Members of the BRITs Voting Academy received a survey asking questions that would help them understand its "diversity and make up".
Noisey Staff
Internet Exploring

Here's an MP3 Player That Goes up Your Muff and Plays Beats to Unborn Babies

'Babypod' is also responsible for hosting the world's first ever "concert for foetuses", so, so that's a thing.
Emma Garland
Woah, Dude!

Remember Hostel? The New Libertines Video for "Heart of the Matter" is a Bit Like Hostel

It's got a twist too. Oh, what a twist.
Noisey Staff
Internet Exploring

Here Are Our Favourite Album Covers Made Out Of Emojis Because The Internet

Thanks to this new website you too can waste shit loads of your time turning artwork into mosaics of poo and watermelons!
Joe Zadeh