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Moby Claims He Gave Apple the Idea for the iPod and iPhone

A new interview in 'The Guardian' has the electronica icon saying that he pushed Apple to make a music player and predicted that they'd put a camera on it one day.
Phil Witmer
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Spotify Has Filed to Go Public, According to Reports

Bloomberg and Axios both have published articles suggesting that the company filed documents to the SEC in late December, eyeing a public listing in Q1 of 2018.
Phil Witmer
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Rapper Mims Won a Prize for the Music App That He Co-Developed

This is why I'm bot.
Phil Witmer
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Spotify Is Letting Labels Pay to Put Music in Your Playlists

Get ready for "sponsored songs" if you're a free user of the streaming service.
Phil Witmer
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Here You Go Dorks, Here's Your Goddamn FLAC for iPhones

Of course you won't be satisfied, you people are never satisfied.
Phil Witmer
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The Noisey Guide to the New Headphone Jack-Free iPhone 7

Apple's new iPhone doesn't have a headphone jack. What does this mean for consumers?
Holy Shit

Billy Corgan Defends the KKK's Free Speech and Blames Music Pirating on the Government on Info Wars

Look at the 'fit!
Craig Jenkins

These Guys Invented Six Brand New Musical Instruments in 48 Hours

Buzz Jam got teams of artists together to create new musical instruments, like a touch-sensitive stool that essentially lets you control samples with your butt. Watch two of the performances here.

We Interviewed the Guy Who Owns

"We didn’t hack anything or have anything to do with #FutureHive stuff. I don’t even know what the fuck that is."
Slava Pastuk
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The Noisey Guide to the Apple Watch for Real Music Fans

Apple is back with its most innovative product yet, but what does that mean if you want to listen to some Steely Dan?
Dan Ozzi
Kyle Kramer
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Why Is Jay Z Investing $56 Million in a Music Streaming Service Called Tidal?

We're glad you asked, because we have some answers.
Davis Harper
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The Noisey Guide to the New $1,200 Sony Walkman

Everything you need to know about the hottest musical electronic device!
Noisey Staff