New music

Lil Wayne Has Doubled Down on Skateboarding on an Impressive Level

Weezy F baby and the F is for riding fakie.
Ryan Bassil

Owen's Video for "Lost" Finds the Beauty in Sucking at Skateboarding

Mike Kinsella calls on some of his very, very amateur skater friends for this video.
Dan Ozzi
Obsessive Tendencies

How a Teen Obsession with Skate Videos Shaped My Music Taste

It's been a long time since I felt the urge to watch a bunch of dudes slide down rails on planks of wood, but when I was 13, it was everything.
Daisy Jones
New music

Hear Novelist Head in a Colourful New Direction on "New Path"

The track appeared in a new video from a London skateboarding magazine.
Noisey Staff

Get Your Plasters at the Ready, Bloody Knees are Back with New Track "I Want It All"

The big-haired boys are in full effect.
Noisey Staff
Remembering Things

Are the Kids still 'KIDS'? Revisiting the Skate Crew Behind the Classic Film

Brown bagging it in Washington Square Park with the original skate-punk ruffians on the 20th Anniversary of the Larry Clark / Harmony Korine film.
Derek Scancarelli
Raffaela Kenny-Cincotta
Holy Shit

Get Clean with Lil Wayne's New Video for "Selsun Blue"

The skate life chose him.
John Hill

We Went Skateboarding With SOAK

Northern Ireland’s most promising singer-songwriter tried to teach me how to kickflip while I quizzed her about skate culture and sacrificing the social pleasures of teenage life for touring.
Emma Garland
You Need to Hear This

Catalogue #16: Bloody Knees - Stitches EP

'Stitches' is a collection of tracks that throws the melodic hooks of early Weezer together with the same overdriven bite that propelled everything Nirvana released.
Behind The Lens

Behind the Lens: Brett Novak Makes the Most Beautiful Skateboard Videos You’ll Ever See

Who knew kickflips could look so stunning?
Dan Ozzi
New music

Bloody Knees EP Stream

This is one of the most genuine, scuzzy and slacked-out records to come out of the UK in a long time.
You Need to Hear This

Snakehips: "On and On" (Feat George Maple)

This track is so good it saved my mental state this morning.