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The Slow Return of Duster, the Lo-Fi Trio Who Secretly Changed Indie Rock

After 17 years, the California trio are back in the studio and putting the finishing touches on an archival set for Numero Group. It's a good opportunity to dig into their "desperate, purring distress."
Brian Coney
Remembering Things

Kenickie’s ‘Get In’ Is Still the Ultimate Burn-Out Album

This is the sound of an underrated 90s band of teens going supernova, throwing up all over their nice shoes and realising success = stress.
Alex Wisgard

T.I. on 15 Years of 'Trap Muzik': 'I Wanted to Make a Classic'

He talks to us about the 2003 album that helped give trap its name – and yes, Gucci Mane comes up, too.
Thomas Hobbs
Remembering Things

The Long Blondes Were British Rock’s Last Great Kitchen Sink Dramatists

In their tales of woe, lust and dual carriageways, the Sheffield band joined the ranks of Pulp and The Beautiful South, and nobody's touched them since.
Lauren O'Neill
Remembering Things

“My Name’s Will Bevan”: 10 Years Since Burial’s Unmasking

A decade ago this month, Burial revealed his identity on MySpace – is it now impossible to have a secret one?
Kyle MacNeill
Remembering Things

'Straight Outta Compton' Is the Most American Album of the 20th Century

Thirty years later, we remember how N.W.A Trojan Horsed gangsta rap into suburban homes.
Paul Thompson

The IDM List Gave Intelligent Dance Music Its Name and Geeky Legacy

Musicians and fans look back on the niche online hub they cultivated 25 years ago, and how it framed dance music that wasn't really for dancefloors.
Sam Davies
Remembering Things

25 Years Ago, Rage Against the Machine Whipped Their Dicks Out in Protest

At Lollapalooza '93, the outspoken rock band hung dong for 15 straight minutes to combat music censorship.
Cam Lindsay
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'A Kid Named Cudi’ Is Still the Mixtape That Birthed 00s Rap’s Diverse Sound

Cudi encouraged a generation of kids to be open about their mental health, to be hopeful for the future, and to explore a range of genres.
Ryan Basill
My Favourite Soundtrack

The 'Chungking Express' Soundtrack Makes Repetition Beautiful

By hearing the same songs over and over, we enter a daydream: one expertly detailed with the nuanced pains and pleasures of life.
Josh Baines
Remembering Things

The Notorious Documentary That Accidentally Killed Hair Metal

Remembering Penelope Spheeris' 'Decline of Western Civilization Part II' 30 years after its release.
Karen Corday
Remembering Things

Bok Bok and Other DJs Look Back on 10 Years of Night Slugs Bangers

As the label imprint turns ten, we asked a few key players and producers to tell us about the records that have made NS what it is.
Josh Baines