Real Lies

New music

Bask In The Cool, Euphoric Ambience of Tom Demac and Real Lies' "White Flowers"

The London band's latest track evokes one mission: let's meet at the crossroads where plants and electronic music combine.
Ryan Bassil
New music

Real Lies Return with a Seven-Minute Meditation, "The Checks"

The London group go deeper and darker with this club-ready tune, assessing the landscape of a party and deciding if it's time to pack up and leave.
Ryan Bassil
Noisey Hitlist

Ferris Wheels and Frolicking on the Grass

Viva Victoria’s video for “Round and Round” is somewhere between a Larry Clark film and footage you filmed drunk in the park this summer.
Ryan Bassil

Real Lies Give a Track-By-Track of their Debut Album While Getting Haircuts and Necking Tinnies

"Number two back and sides, and nu lad on top."
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Real Lies' New Video For "Blackmarket Blues" Is an Urban Nightscape

They've also announced a tour with Foals.

Live Your Weekend in Four Minutes Through Real Lies' New Video For "World Peace"

A synth-pop vision of the eternal war between fun and responsibility.
Noisey Staff
Objectively Correct Lists

Noisey UK's Best Tracks of the Year (So Far)

And everything else that's been worth listening to over the past six months.
Ryan Bassil
sam wolfson

The Music Scene in Britain is Amazing; You’re Just Looking in the Wrong Place

The capital is harnessing a whole new generation of talent.
Ryan Bassil

Why ‘Ones To Watch in 2014’ Lists Are Redundant and Need to Be Laid to Rest

It’s a tired format and we’re going to do something different.
Ryan Bassil