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The Guide to Getting into Stereolab's High-Concept Pop

As the London-based group gets ready to reissue their studio albums and head out on tour, here's how to get started with their innovative and unparalleled discography.
Cam Lindsay
4 days ago
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A Guide to Harry Nilsson, Who You've Loved Forever Without Knowing It

The songwriting savant has brought us a lot more than “Gotta Get Up” from 'Russian Doll.' From 60s pop to 70 decadence, here’s a primer.
Zach Schonfeld
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The Guide to Getting Into Tool, Rock's Most Lovable Pseudo-Intellectuals

Outsider art, psych-prog flourishes, and faux-deep philosophy mark their confusing and endearing catalog. Here's where to start.
Emma Madden
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Van Morrison’s Discography Is 40 Albums Deep, Here’s Where to Dig In

Diving into the music of one of the world's most iconic artists is a daunting task. Here's a handy guide.
Bonnie Stiernberg
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The Guide to Getting into Mariah Carey, the Originator of All This Pop Shit

Mariah Carey brought hip-hop to a pop audience not out of necessity, but because it was a part of her identity.
Kristin Corry
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Queen Proved That Anyone Could Be a Rockstar if They Believed

A guide to getting into one of the most unique bands the world has ever seen.
Bonnie Stiernberg
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The Guide to Getting into John Coltrane's Quasi-Religious Ecstasy

Immerse yourself in the many vibrant sides of the jazz great's masterful sax work.
Jeff Andrews
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The Guide to Getting into Steve Albini, Studio Whiz and Noise-Rock Freak

Between his catalogues by Big Black, Shellac, and Rapeman, to his work behind the boards for everyone from Nirvana to Cloud Nothings, the iconoclast has created one of the most impressive bodies of work in modern music.
David Anthony
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The Oh Sees’ 20 Albums Are Weird and Diverse. Here’s Where to Start

They've had more name changes than most bands have albums. It's hard to find an entry point. Here's a handy guide.
David Anthony
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The Guide to Getting into Dirty Projectors

Led by Dave Longstreth, the band has had a revolving door of collaborators across eight albums. Here are five starting points before you dive into 'Lamp Lit Prose.'
Will Schube
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The Guide to Getting into Paul McCartney

If you're old enough to read, you've definitely heard McCartney's music before. There are dozens of potential entry points, but here are the six facets to consider if you've got to get him into your life.
Bonnie Stiernberg
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The Guide to Getting into Murder By Death

The longrunning band's sound is not easily definable, and they've got a catalogue of seven dense albums. So finding a starting point is tough. Here's a handy guide.
Dan Ozzi