Some Thoughts

Saying A Fond, Personal Goodbye to 'NME''s Print Edition

Divisive and flawed it may have been, but it was also utterly inspirational for a generation of rock fans stuck between the traditional music press and the innovations of the internet.
Lauren O'Neill

Mash-Ups, Bad Haircuts, the New Rock Revolution: 2002 Was a Load of Shit

Let's be honest, the year was a dismal one for music in the UK – propagated by marketing execs who had discovered cocaine and Hoxton.
Josh Baines

NME Created an Indie Scene Out of Thin Air in 2002 and Made It Stick

Former NME mag staff tell us how how they made so many people care about The Strokes, The Libertines and other "The bands".
Alexandra Pollard

We Need to Stop Treating Mental Health Like a Selling Point

As with feminism, we’re seeing a serious issue commodified by the music industry while major government action remains pretty much non-existent.
Emma Garland
Noisey News

Farmer John Misery: "I Ride for Nickelback"

“You can’t say what it is that you like about something… it’s supposed to be beyond the intellectual.”
Alex Robert Ross

The Genius of Chris Bell, One of Rock's Greatest Tragedies

When he died aged 27, the local paper described him as "the son of a local restaurateur". But this story, of a talented Memphis kid who formed rock's first cult band, goes worlds beyond.
Thomas Hobbs

Vic Reeves VS The Pop Group

In 1979, a young Vic Reeves, pumped up on amphetamine, witnessed Mark Stewart's The Pop Group play Glastonbury and had a major epiphany. Now, we re-unite them for a special reflective chat about pills, curry, and punk.
Daniel Dylan Wray
Longreads Or Whatever

How a Kid Running an Obscure Music Forum Became the Target Of the UK's Biggest Ever Piracy Case

From his bedroom in North East England, Kane Robinson ran a music forum for 12,000 enthusiastic indie fans. But did a uni student with no prior convictions really deserve two years in prison?
Joe Zadeh
fuck london

The Curse of Bury St Edmunds: Why No Bands Ever Made It From The Town John Peel Dubbed “the New Seattle”

In 2002 Rolling Stone named it the number two “capital of culture” in the world. What happened?
John Henry Phillips
Longreads Or Whatever

The Courteeners, and How I Tried to Understand Why People Like the Band I Hate the Most

Liam Fray and his crew have built a career on indie rock siege mentality, and the more we hate them, the more popular they seem to get.
Longreads Or Whatever

Why Do Most British Musicians Not Give a Shit About the Politics That Affect Their Fans?

In the NME this week, you can find 23 artists talking politics, and the takeaway message is damning.
Emma Garland
z sides

The Cure’s “Desperate Journalist” Is The Perfect Diss That Nobody Heard

In response to a negative review of Three Imaginary Boys, The Cure reworked one of their tracks to create the best musical comeback of all time.
Emma Garland