Netflix’s ’Sex Education’ Balances Story and Soundtrack Beautifully

Stop providing outdated print-outs on ‘sexual intercourse’. Schools should screen the well-curated and educational Netflix show instead.
Ryan Bassil
Noisey x NTS x YouTube Music presents Unearthed

How Mahalia Became a Full Time Music Nerd

We spoke to the 20-year-old UK soul singer as part of the Unearthed project with NTS Radio, and powered by YouTube Music.
Daisy Jones
Internet Exploring

Jill Scott Is Trying To Dismantle 'No Nut November'

During a live performance, the neo-soul and self-love queen put on a grand showcase of her divine talents on the mic. Yes, we mean that sexually.
Jabbari Weekes

How Music Communities Can Survive Their Leaders' Alleged Misconduct

Directors at Toronto's Wavelength concert series and Ottawa's Arboretum Music Festival have stepped aside, leading to questions about how these scenes can move forward.
Jill Krajewski
Unnecessarily Exhaustive Guides

We Reviewed All 43 Eurovision Songs

From Dutch outlaw country to Albanian hard rock to whatever Moldova are doing, here's an exhaustive guide to everything you'll hear from Lisbon this week.
Alex Robert Ross

Princess Nokia's Love for Bondage Wear and Mohawks Runs Deep

In a talk at USC last week, Princess Nokia decoded her multi-genre style and music influences.
Katya Lopatko
Internet videos of paticular importance

Here's a Video of a Cat Eating Dinner, Scored by Mac DeMarco's Jazz-Funk

Some new Mac DeMarco music soundtracks Pickles's dinner experience. Pickles lives behind the garage.
Alex Robert Ross
we saw this

We Sent Our Most Online Employees to See Rapper Lil Skies

Is what the kids are feeling familiar or are we well and truly fucked by society?
Annalise Domenighini
Trey Smith
Book Report

There Actually Is a Way to Balance Feminism and Problematic Faves

The essays in book 'Under My Thumb' explore that fine, often awkward line between personal politics and female fandom.
Lauren O'Neill
Festivals 2018

Hell Yes, the Great Escape Festival Just Booked More Than 80 Acts

Superorganism! Nilüfer Yanya! Let's Eat Grandma! Slowthai! It's going to be a big one.
Lauren O'Neill
Noisey Specials

Freedom: A Noisey Film About Assisted Dying and Music

Musician Joe Wilson tells us about using music to work through taking his mum to an assisted suicide facility in Switzerland.
Noisey UK Staff
Objectively Correct Lists

69 Songs, Ranked

Finally, a comprehensive ranking of 69 of the songs.
Noisey Staff