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The New York Post App Sent Nirvana Lyrics to Its Subscribers Yesterday After an Apparent Hack

Other missives from the apparent hack included “Heil President Donald Trump!” and a few biblical allusions.
Alex Robert Ross

Criticising Taylor Swift Isn't About Negativity Towards Successful Women, It’s About Vindication

Kim Kardashian’s big reveal doesn’t "character assassinate" anyone; it liberates Kanye from the vilification that Taylor Swift has launched her career off.
Grace Medford
In Memoriam

Prince Wrote About Women In a Way That Most Contemporary Male Artists Still Can't

Women usually exist in men’s songs as passive objects, which is to not exist at all. With Prince, they were addressed with awe and empathy.
Emma Garland
In Memoriam

Victoria Wood's "Dinnerladies Theme" is One of the Greatest Sad Songs Ever Written

The late, great comedian may have written it as a sitcom theme tune, but that didn't stop the lyrics from being wonderfully sympathetic and quietly devastating.
Josh Baines
2005 week

What Your Old LiveJournal Music Says About You

In 2005, the internet was like the wild west for sharing your feelings. And posting music on LiveJournal was one of the best weapons we had.
Noisey Staff

Architects Don't Care If Americans Hate Them

"America is a new country – people went there and destroyed it when they should have known better"
Hannah Ewens
Grime Week

The Twenty Best Verses in Grime... Ever

From nine-minute first person road rap freestyles to Trim sending for anyone he can remember, we've been through the lot.
Noisey Staff

Is Wiley OK? We Get Psychoanalytical on His Latest Verses

We analyse ten lyrics from Snakes & Ladders that suggest the grime godfather is older, wiser and more focused than ever.

Geek Out: Here's All the Lyrics for 'Tyranny' by Julian Casablancas + the Voidz

Plus a brief word with Julian…
Kim Taylor Bennett

Lyrics...Illustrated! Danny Brown's 'Old'

Sam Taylor interprets the lyrics on Danny Brown's new album.