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These Teens Saw Eyal in His Pre-'Love Island' Pop Group, EverYoung

What it was like to witness ITV2’s walking gap year in his past life as a lame school-touring pop singer.
Lauren O'Neill
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Stormzy Is Quite Honestly Nominated for a BAFTA

His surprise appearance on 'Love Island' is up for the "Virgin TV's Must-See Moment" award at this year's TV BAFTAs.
Lauren O'Neill
ok, wow

The Blazin' Hot Return of Blazin' Squad's "Flip Reverse": A Noisey Roundtable

An analysis of the role this early 00s consensual bumming anthem could have in 2017, thanks to 'Love Island'.
Emma Garland
Lauren O'Neill
Hannah Ewens
Joel Golby
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Kem from 'Love Island' Says He's Working with Stormzy

Music will be good forever now.
Lauren O'Neill
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Liam Gallagher Loves 'Love Island' Too

Your Oasis-loving stepdad is going to be fuming.
Lauren O'Neill
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'Love Island' May Have Birthed the UK's Next Great Rappers

Kem, Marcel, and Chris' "Little Bit Leave It" will probably soundtrack your hometown night out later this year.
Lauren O'Neill
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I Literally Forgot About Blazin’ Squad Until One of Them Was on Love Island

Remember? Remember?! They had that song “Crossroads” and that other one “Flip Reverse”. There were ten of them.
Daisy Jones

Alimony Hustle's "Miss GB" is a Perfect Pop Song About Sexism and Reality TV

We spoke to the band about the best song you'll ever hear about Zara Holland being stripped of her Miss Great Britain title after bedding someone on TV.
Emma Garland