Remembering Things

25 Years Ago, Rage Against the Machine Whipped Their Dicks Out in Protest

At Lollapalooza '93, the outspoken rock band hung dong for 15 straight minutes to combat music censorship.
Cam Lindsay
The 2017 Music Issue

CupcakKe Is the Coolest Rapper in Chicago

The 20-year-old went viral with an over-the-top, insatiably horny persona, but reducing her to a sheer X-rated spectacle is ignoring what makes her remarkable.
Meaghan Garvey
larging it

Malia Obama Had an Inspiring Time at Lollapalooza

The former First Teen raged so hard at the Chicago music festival, she lost her iPhone. But dammit, she had fun.
Aranya Tatapudi

The Future of VR at Music Festivals Isn't as Lame as You Think

Music festivals are gearing up for an arms race in VR experiences, and this summer is likely to be an inflection point. But what will that look like?
Miles Raymer
festivals 2016

Lollapalooza's Chicago Performers Proved Just How Vital the City's Music Is Right Now

Vic Mensa, Towkio, Joey Purp, Saba, Smino, and other Chicago artists connected the city's various threads and offered a strong argument that it has the most exciting rap scene anywhere.
Britt Julious
festivals 2016

Festival Anti-Fashion Is the Best Fashion

Lollapalooza isn't fashionable; it's practical. And these were the hottest non-looks of the season.
Britt Julious

Never Thirsty: A Week in Chicago with Mick Jenkins

The Chicago-via-Huntsville rapper prides himself on his coded yet deliberate message. With his new project 'Wave[s]', the 24-year-old makes a statement, whether he wants to or not.
Dan Hyman
lollapalooza 2015

We Turned Photographer Connie "Coco" Aramaki Loose at Lollapalooza and This Is What Happened

She came back with laid back candids of Beat Connection, Walk the Moon, Delta Spirit and more.
Connie "Coco" Aramaki
Lollapalooza 2014

Flag Swag: It Turns out People at Lollapalooza Are Patriotic as Shit

"We're super frat".
Britt Julious
Lollapalooza 2014

Lollapalooza is Like Glastonbury But With Trucker Hats and Dry Humping

There was mud, more mud, and dancing on day three, with performances from London Grammar, Flosstradamus, and Chance the Rapper.
Noisey Staff
Lollapalooza 2014

Eminem Did the Unexpected and Gave Lollapalooza Exactly What They Wanted

He's made a career out of fucking with people's expectations but at Lollapalooza he fulfilled them.
Devin Schiff
Lollapalooza 2014

Blood Orange Says He Was Assaulted by Security at Lollapalooza Yesterday and Unfortunately It's Not Much of Surprise

After dedicating his set to victims of racially-motivated acts of police brutality, Blood Orange says he was attacked by three security guards at the festival.
Britt Julious