We Interviewed the Biggest Metalhead in British Politics

After seeing the photo of Labour MP Richard Burgon outside a Madball gig, we had to call him up.
Niall Cunningham

You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Go to Glastonbury

Nor do you have to be poor to understand why chanting “Jeremy Corbyn” became the theme of this year’s festival.
Ryan Bassil

Vote: for Drugs, for Sex, for Equality, for You and for Life

Show this post to your grandparents or friends or anyone who wants the good life.
Ryan Bassil
Noisey News

Matt Healy from The 1975 Will "Send Nudes" If You Vote Labour

Not sure if that's an incentive or a deterrent but vote anyway.
Lauren O'Neill
Noisey News

Grime4Corbyn Want You to Register to Vote (and Party)

The group's offering the chance to attend a secret rave the week before the election if you register to vote.
Lauren O'Neill
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Grime's Champion Jeremy Corbyn Met Up with JME to Talk Politics

There's one week left to register to vote. I repeat, one (1) week left.
Lauren O'Neill
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Akala Wants You to Use Your Vote for Jeremy Corbyn

The rapper, poet and activist has come out in support of the Labour leader (even though he's not strictly pro-Labour).
Lauren O'Neill

“Young People, This is Your Miners' Strike”: We Spoke to Billy Bragg About Saving Britain

He's lived through punk, suffered through Thatcherism, and fought the National Front – what does he think of the UK's current shitshow?
Joe Zadeh
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Fuck Coldplay, Go Watch Jeremy Corbyn Perform at Glastonbury

Billy Bragg has invited the Labour leader to speak, and here's how you can go see him.
Emma Garland
Longreads Or Whatever

Just Because Bands Aren't Singing For Miliband, Doesn't Mean The Protest Song Is Over

The world has moved on since 1987, and so too has music.
Josh Hall

A Party Political Broadcast by Drake

With important elections taking place across the UK tomorrow, we at Noisey feel it important to wade into the complex debate.
Noisey Staff

What Happened When Ed Miliband ACTUALLY Got Stuck On A Desert Island

The Labour leader was on Radio 4’s venerable Desert Island Discs earlier this week. Little did he know he'd soon be stuck in the Pacific with only "Angels" and "Sweet Caroline" for company.
Oscar Rickett