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Watch AJ Tracey Talk About Why Young Voters Should Choose Labour

"It's a Corbyn ting. It's not a Tory ting."
Lauren O'Neill

This GIF Site of Corbyn Set to "Rock DJ" Is the Future Liberals Want

We spoke to the selfless hero behind
Lauren O'Neill
Noisey News

Jeremy Corbyn, Certified Lad, Opened For the Libertines Over the Weekend

Plus, Wolf Alice want you to register to vote, so you probably should.
Lauren O'Neill
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Those of You in the UK Have Three Days Left to Register to Vote

Whether you rate Corbyn as much as JME does, make sure you can actually vote anyway.
Tshepo Mokoena
Noisey News

Grime4Corbyn Want You to Register to Vote (and Party)

The group's offering the chance to attend a secret rave the week before the election if you register to vote.
Lauren O'Neill
Noisey News

Grime's Champion Jeremy Corbyn Met Up with JME to Talk Politics

There's one week left to register to vote. I repeat, one (1) week left.
Lauren O'Neill
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Akala Wants You to Use Your Vote for Jeremy Corbyn

The rapper, poet and activist has come out in support of the Labour leader (even though he's not strictly pro-Labour).
Lauren O'Neill
Noisey News

Big Jeremy Corbyn May Just Be Grime's Favourite Politician

What might JME, AJ Tracey and Novelist's co-signs mean for the Labour Party leader?
Lauren O'Neill

Lady Miche’s Guide to the Ultimate Break Up Bangers

The queen of Kurupt FM gave us a call to talk about how she’s coping since chucking Grindah’s hair gel into the street.
Joe Zadeh
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This Kid Dabbing Behind Corbyn Playing Violin is a Renaissance Painting for the Digital Age

Sirs, place this in the Louvre immediately.
Emma Garland
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Will This Jeremy Corbyn Converge Shirt Save the UK? Probably Not, But It's Pretty Dope

Behold: a perfect union of experimental metal and socialist politics.
Noisey Staff

“Young People, This is Your Miners' Strike”: We Spoke to Billy Bragg About Saving Britain

He's lived through punk, suffered through Thatcherism, and fought the National Front – what does he think of the UK's current shitshow?
Joe Zadeh