The Universe Belongs to Nilüfer Yanya

On her soft-rocking debut album the young west Londoner remains fiercely independent while setting up a path for world domination.
Douglas Greenwood
3 days ago

How The Japanese House’s Walls Came Tumbling Down

With her beloved dog Calvin in tow, the atmospheric UK artist talks us through how heartbreak and subsequent clarity informed her debut LP.
Tom Connick
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Arlo Parks' Poised Soul Defines This “Super Sad Generation”

The British songwriter captures the specifics of being young and messed up like no-one else. We’re premiering her latest video here.
Ryan Bassil

Panda Bear Made an Album to Impress His Kids and It Didn't Work

'Buoys' draws on trap's sonic architecture in order to appeal to young ears. Even if his kids are still embarrassed, it's a stunning pop statement.
Colin Joyce
The British Masters

Watch Our Live British Masters Q&A with Suede’s Brett Anderson

Time machines haven't been invented yet but (sadly / in this case thankfully) the internet has, so here's a video of our chat with Brett.
Noisey UK Staff

How Pete Wentz Ended Up on a Lil Peep and ILoveMakonnen Collab

"I saw Peep as a kindred spirit," he told us, when we called him to talk about new track "I've Been Waiting."
Marianne Eloise

Fredo: “I’ve Spent More Helping My Friends in Prison Than in Harrods”

Set aside the flexing: UK rapper Fredo is a man of his people as well as a spiritual successor to one of road rap’s many thrones.
Ciaran Thapar
Internet Exploring

This Bootleg Netflix Drake Documentary Is The Purest Form of Agony

'Drake: Rewriting the Rules' is a new entry in a line of garbage, basic documentaries about Drake without Drake.
Noisey Staff
Noisey News

Soulja Boy Is the Storyteller of Our Generation

In his first interview with The Breakfast Club, Soulja Boy argued he had the best comeback of 2018 but really just ended up telling wild stories.
Kristin Corry

Spice Can Take A Likkle Heat

The dancehall superstar premieres her new video “Cool It,” and discusses the ups and downs of being the 'Queen of Dancehall.'
Sharine Taylor
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Drill Artist Loski Is Dripping with Flair

He blew 20 grand in one month and is feeling “Boasy” about it. We're premiering his latest single today.
Ryan Bassil
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SOAK Is Back with Indie-Pop Love Letters to Small-Town Culture

The Mercury-nominated songwriter captures the sound of the local bar on Cure-esque track "Knock Me Off My Feet", which we're premiering below.
Emma Garland