Oli Sykes Doesn’t Care If You Love Him

From fronting a hated metalcore act to an adored stadium rock band, Sykes spoke to us about love/hate and the sixth Bring Me The Horizon album, amo.
Hannah Ewens
4 hours ago

Kevin Fret’s Death Highlights Latin Trap’s Homophobia Problem

Only after his murder is the openly gay Latin trapero getting the attention his work deserved.
Gary Suarez
a day ago

Spice Can Take A Likkle Heat

The dancehall superstar premieres her new video “Cool It,” and discusses the ups and downs of being the 'Queen of Dancehall.'
Sharine Taylor
2 days ago
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Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox Begrudgingly Ranks His Band’s Albums

Upon the release of his band's seventh LP, Cox looks back on a wild catalogue – a process he says is kinda like a visa interview.
Colin Joyce

For Rosalía, Dancing Is About Letting Go of All Evil

A conversation with one of Spain’s most important musical artists of the last decade.
Diego Urdaneta
the shape of punk

With 'Until Your Heart Stops,' Cave In Penned Metalcore’s Most Important Text

Twenty years ago, the seminal Boston hardcore act set a high bar with their debut album, inspiring both their respected peers and an endless line of lesser copycats.
David Anthony

The Reality of How Generation Z Discovers New Music

In a world of algorithms, angry old music fans and no more HMV, what exactly draws the next generation to their new, favourite artists?
Ryan Bassil
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Hopeless Records Founder Louis Posen Picks the Label's Ten Best Releases

For the California-based punk label's 25th anniversary, we had the founder pick his ten favorite releases out of a catalog of hundreds.
Dan Ozzi

If 2019 Is Good to Us, Afroswing Will Be More Than a Trend

The cluster of west African and Caribbean diasporic sounds in the UK deserve a longer stay than a passing moment.
Jesse Bernard
Noisey 2018

65 Objectively Good Things That Happened in 2018

Every year is bad now. But these things got us through 2018.
Noisey Staff
Noisey Guide To

Van Morrison’s Discography Is 40 Albums Deep, Here’s Where to Dig In

Diving into the music of one of the world's most iconic artists is a daunting task. Here's a handy guide.
Bonnie Stiernberg
the shape of punk

Love It or Hate It, Refused’s ‘The Shape of Punk to Come’ Changed Punk

The iconic album turned 20 this year, and while it's still endlessly debated, time has proven its impact.
David Anthony