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Flying Lotus' New Single With David Lynch Is Surreal and Upsetting

"Fire Is Coming" heralds the Los Angeles-based producer's new album 'Flamagra,' out May 24 on Warp.
Colin Joyce
4 days ago

After Wax Idols, Hether Fortune Is Better Off Alone

Having abruptly disbanded her primary creative outlet for nearly a decade, the songwriter is now working by herself, at her own pace.
Gary Suarez

Drahla’s Abstract Punk Songs Are Ecstatic About the Everyday

The squalls of noise in songs like "Pyramid Estate" show a band willing to dig beneath the surface.
Colin Joyce
Noisey Mix

This Nonlocal Forecast Mix Offers Smooth Jazz Fit for Tears and Bong Rips

The Chicago-based artist best known as Fire-Toolz shares a mix of sounds from the world of her proggy computer jazz record ‘Bubble Universe!’
Colin Joyce

Matmos' New Album Considers the Beauty and Terror of Plastics

The Baltimore duo celebrate their 25th year as a couple and as collaborators with 'Plastic Anniversary,' a record sourced from things like breast implants, exercise balls, and broken vinyl records.
Colin Joyce

Dexter Story’s Stunning ‘Bahir’ is a Love Letter to East African Music

The Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist and composer enlists a wealth of marquee guests like Sudan Archives on his rich, genre-blending third LP.
Josh Terry

The 83rd’s New EP Is a Frenetic Document of New York’s Freak Scene

The founder of Sermon 3 – a label, website, and general hub for the city’s weirdo artists – shares a brief collection of insectoid electronics called ‘patricia,’ featuring Eartheater and DJ Slugo.
Colin Joyce
In Memoriam

Remembering Mark Hollis, Pop Music's Quiet Rebel

Before his death this week at the age of 64, the Talk Talk songwriter made a few albums that felt like a secret scripture. Then he left it all behind.
Sam Goldner

Scott Gilmore's New Album Is the Colorful Work of a True Tinkerer

'Two Roomed Motel' is the latest in a line of lighthearted explorations in synthesis. This time, there's vocoder. What's next...who knows?
Colin Joyce

Dis Fig's Debut Album Is a 'Purge' of a Lot of Heavy Shit

Listen to "WHY," a ghostly drone ballad, for a glimpse of just how crushing the record can be.
Colin Joyce

9T Antiope's Brutal New Album Sees the World as It Is

‘Nocebo’ is a crushing record about isolation, made by a duo who say they can’t be optimists.
Coiln Joyce

Panda Bear Made an Album to Impress His Kids and It Didn't Work

'Buoys' draws on trap's sonic architecture in order to appeal to young ears. Even if his kids are still embarrassed, it's a stunning pop statement.
Colin Joyce