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A List of Stuff That Took Less Time than The 'Endless' Vinyl Took To Ship

"Despacito"'s tenure at Number One, dog gestation periods, your last relationship.
Lauren O'Neill

An Open Letter Begging Frank Ocean to Finally Ship Us the ‘Endless’ Vinyl

We all ordered 'Endless' in November, but three months later and still no official word on when the vinyl will be shipped. You torment us, Frank.
Phil Witmer
Holy Shit

Frank Ocean Shits on Your Terrible Product Release Strategies

His new limited-edition drop of 'Endless' transfers it from its original video format to VHS, CD, vinyl, the deepest corners of your mind.
Noisey UK Staff

Obongjayar Will Make You See Beyond Your Ego

The Nigeria-born, UK-based musician on how his enchanting new ‘Bassey’ EP is a political, spiritual realisation of the self.
Ryan Bassil
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Evidence Emerges of Known Musician Frank Ocean Playing a Live Show

He performed a combination of tracks from 'Blond' and 'Endless' – and a few perfect extras – at Denmark’s NorthSide Festival on Friday.
Alex Robert Ross

The Enduring Appeal of 'Endless', Frank Ocean’s Underrated Masterpiece

Though it was seemingly lost in wake of 'Blonde', the album wasn't just a way for Ocean to get out of his record deal.
Jamie Milton

On His Debut Album 'Process', Sampha Proves His Journey is Just Beginning

By letting go of himself completely, the singer, songwriter and producer has connected with something greater.
Francis Blagburn
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2017 is Already Amazing Because Frank Ocean is Headlining London’s Lovebox Festival

The “London festival exclusive” will take place on the 14th and 15th of July in Victoria Park.
Lauren O'Neill
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Frank Ocean's Wonder Emporium is Now Open for Business

Available for one black Friday only via boysdontcry.co are posters, vinyl, CDs and his limited Boys Don't Cry magazine.
Lauren O'Neill
Holy Shit

Frank Ocean Opens Up About His Grammy Boycott

Plus everything else we learned from a rare interview with everyone’s favourite painfully elusive musician.
Lauren O'Neill
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Kanye West Won’t Attend the Grammys if Frank Ocean Isn’t Nominated

Which might be tough, because neither ‘Blond(e)’ nor ‘Endless’ appear to have been submitted.
Alex Robert Ross
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Well, Frank Ocean Sure Isn't Winning Any Grammys Next Year

Here's why...
Noisey Staff