Important Questions Raised By...

Inside the Shady World of the Musical Hologram

How do they work? What are the moral issues with dead performers? And does anyone still give a shit?
Jeremy Allen

Why the Elvis Tribute Acts of Europe Still Do It

Photographer Andy Pilsbury runs us through The King's best disciples, as seen in his 'Still Taking Care Of Business’ project.
Tom Connick
Deep Ass Questions

Was Elvis Really in ‘Home Alone’? An Investigation

There's a conspiracy theory that believes The King was a background extra in the classic holiday movie, 13 years after his supposed death. Let's take a look.
Dan Ozzi

Fear and Loathing at Porthcawl Elvis Convention

A savage journey to the heart of the (Welsh) American dream.
Oobah Butler and Joe Zadeh

Newcastle... Why Have You Given Us a Nirvana Tribute Band Fronted by an Elvis Impersonator?

Four Geordies came up with the idea for a laugh. Now they're selling out venues up and down the country. We spoke to them about how and why.
Oobah Butler

Embrace Your Inner-Elvis with Honduras's Video for "Hollywood"

And don't forget your inner-Dolly Parton.
Noisey Staff

Skeletons in the Closet: An Interview with Glenn Danzig

Ahead of the release of his new covers album, Evil Elvis opens up about longevity, the blues, and Christina Ricci.
Jonathan Dick

I Was in a High School Rock Band with Russell Crowe

We were called The Interrogatives and we sucked, but we were pretty sure we were setting the world on fire.
Behind The Lens

Uncovering Orion: Meet the Masked Man Marketed as Elvis’s Ghost

We talked to documentarian Jeanie Finlay about her new film which chases the spectre of Elvis in the form of a mystery-shrouded crooner called Orion.
Davo McConville
the worst things of all time

A Brief History of Incest in Popular Music

Kevin Gates is far from the first musician to admit to playing kissin' cousins.
Kim Kelly
Longreads Or Whatever

The Gaslight Anthem's Brian Fallon Just Wants a Normal Person Life

After surviving fame and a divorce, New Jersey's "true heir to Springsteen" is getting back to normal.
Dan Ozzi