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Some Questions for the Guy Who DJ'd Outside the Houses of Parliament

He appeared on Tuesday night, after the Brexit 'meaningful vote' result, spinning a special political set.
Patrick Heardman
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Please Enjoy This Absolute Shitshow of a DJ Set at Tomorrowland

Salvatore Ganacci’s performance found him twerking on stage and shouting into the microphone without even trying to transition between tracks.
Noisey Staff

The Re-Re-Re-Re-Reinvention of Ryan Hemsworth

Canada’s golden boy DJ opens up on his forthcoming album, his evolving identity, and cultivating a sense of celebrity within different cultures.
Hillary Windsor
In Memoriam

Avicii Will Live Forever As An EDM Legend

The Swedish DJ and producer, who died at the age of 28, struggled in the spotlight, but his influence on EDM and its culture is permanent.
Larry Fitzmaurice

Keyzuz is a Ghanaian DJ Hoping to Bridge the Gap Between Genres

Spinning straight out of Accra, she's moving the sound away from hiplife and Afrobeats and planting the seeds of electronic.
Kamila Rymajdo
The 2017 Music Issue

New Orleans Is Bubbling Over

A young collective called The Pink Room Project is pushing the city's musical legacy into the future, catching the eye of Solange in the process.
Lawrence Burney
The 2017 Music Issue

Mija Is EDM's Last Great Hope

The self-made 25-year-old DJ is poised to become one of the biggest names in contemporary dance music, as well as a one-woman art factory.
Chris Martins

Meet SkyWalker, Palestine's First Female DJ

We talk to the 26-year-old electronicist about her work, the affect of the occupation on nightlife cultures, and how she's challenging perceived gender roles daily.
Zab Mustefa
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DJ Paris Hilton is Still Committed to Her Musical Career in 2017

Whoever gifted this woman a synthesiser: thank you.
Lauren O'Neill
Holy Shit

Skrillex Reunites with From First to Last and Releases New Song, "Make War"

Hell of a way to celebrate your birthday, Sonny.
Alex Robert Ross

These DJs Have Been Playing Nothing but the Smiths for 28 Months Straight

Can we get some "Shakespeare's Sister" up in this bitch?

When Crowdfunding Goes Right: Compensating the Last Living Creator of the Famed "Amen Break"

A UK DJ has launched a fund to compensate the sole remaining Winston—and raised over $22,000.