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Marie Davidson Is Sick of This Capitalist Hell

The Quebecoise producer has said goodbye to the dancefloor. With 'Working Class Woman', her first record for Ninja Tune, she looks at all the fucked up stuff that happens to you when you work yourself to the bone to make a living in music.
Shaad D’Souza
Important Questions Raised By...

I Asked Ravers What Dance Music Festivals Will Look Like in 2050

Where better to find out about the future of rave culture than from a bunch of high people in a field?
Ruby Lott-Lavigna

Jarreau Vandal Is More Than a Pop Star Remix Mastermind

We chatted genre, "Soundcloud DJ" stigma and club culture on a day out graffiti tagging with the Dutch producer.
Mariana Carvalho

DJ Koze’s ‘Knock Knock’ Is a Love Letter to the After-Party

Usually, dance music is for the club or the comedown. But with his latest album the German producer has gifted a soundtrack to the sesh.
Matthew Francey

Jubilee's 'Magic City 4' Compilation Is All Bangers and No Chill

Check out the track list for the DJ-producer's annual collection of underground gems, plus a free download of Moistbreezy's new cut "Rush Hour."
Andrea Domanick
Noisey Guide to Music and Mental Health

Dance Music and Drugs Are Long Overdue a Healthier Relationship

Industry heads offer up their thoughts on how our approaches to sesh culture and its toll on mental health need to change.
Tom Usher

Sasha Is Still Capable of Dance Music Miracles

The DJ and producer is releasing recordings of live shows that turned his old hits into complex compositions – easy as turning water to wine.
Will Caiger-Smith

The Constant, Unfiltered Queer Joy of Nu Disco

Nu disco carries on the tradition of dance music being energetic and deceptively political.
Sophie Kemp
Remembering Things

The Definitive History of New Rave in Eight Tracks, Narrated by Jamie from Klaxons

To mark the 10th anniversary of ‘Myths of the Near Future’, we revisited the scene that had you wearing neon skinny jeans and doing bumps of ket and glitter in the club.
Daisy Jones
Remembering Things

What Happened to All the Iconic Dance Singers of the 1990s?

From N-Trance's "Set You Free" to Alice Deejay's "Better Off Alone", these soldiers guarded and unleashed positivity. But where are they now?
Tom Rasmussen

Meet Aussie Alt-Pop Producer Yeo, Who's Been Heralded as the Male BANKS

Plus listen to a mixtape he put together for us.
Casey Lewis

Shitty Music Clichés That Need to Die in 2014

Kill these, and culture will move forward.
Ryan Bassil