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Shit Suddenly Gets Very Real in Migos' Violent "Narcos" Video

The latest 'Culture II' clip finds the trio and 21 Savage enjoying their riches before the law bears down upon them.
Phil Witmer

When Will Kali Uchis Get the Major Recognition She Deserves?

The Colombian-American has at last put out debut album ‘Isolation’, a bewitching embodiment of her sound. She ought to take over the world.
Daisy Jones

An Exclusive, Behind-the-Scenes Look at 'Ayo,' Bomba Estéreo’s Latest Album

The eponymous documentary offers an inside look into the Colombian band’s creative process, during, before, and after their recent record "Ayo".
Sebastián Narváez Núñez
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Treat Yourself to a New Music Video for Toto's "Africa," With Pablo Escobar

Forget the original. This is the best damn thing we've seen all year.
Sebastián Narváez Núñez
Semana de la Cumbia

In Monterrey, Life Moves to the Rhythm of Cumbia

A chronicle about street musicians in the Mexican city where the genre has most deeply taken root.
Javier Ibarra

A Tiny, Drug-Free Room in Colombia Is One of the World's Best Techno Clubs

With an anonymous owner who refers to himself only as “The Entity,” this DIY venue in Pereira has become the epicenter of the country’s most vanguardist electronic movement.
Juan Pablo López

Magín Díaz, the Latin Grammy Winner Who Doesn't Remember When He Was Born

Shortly before his death on November 28, we visited Magín Diáz at his home in Gamero, in the Bolívar Department of Colombia. He was the oldest artist to win one of the most important awards in Latin American music.
Andrea Jiménez Jiménez
Noisey Next

Kali Uchis Is Ready for Her Global Domination

In this Noisey Next video, the Colombian singer explains her rise from photo-obsessed college kid to global star.
Noisey Staff

"What Happens in Radiohead Is Sometimes Inexplicable": An Interview with Philip Selway

We talked to the drummer of the legendary British band about his solo work and his new album.
Juan Sebastián Barriga Ossa

The Medellín Metal Scene Through the Lens of a Brazilian Photographer

Daniel Motta's work documents the life of one of the most important metal scenes in Latin America.
Juan Sebastián Barriga Ossa

"Who Cares If Rock Is No Longer What It Was?" An Interview with Julian Casablancas

Just before of The Voidz's South American tour, we talked with the rockstar who, scattered as always, philosophised quite a bit.
Juan Pablo López M.
Internet Exploring

Wiz Khalifa Smoked Next to Pablo Escobar's Grave and Pissed Off Colombia

TFW the blunt hits and you forget about the drug wars.
Phil Witmer