Black Flag

TV Week

‘Freaks and Geeks’ Perfectly Captured the Shift in Music at the Turn of the 70s

The cult show’s use of songs lent authenticity to its 1980 Midwestern setting.
Dan Ozzi

Here's the Black Flag Fidget Spinner You Never Knew You Needed

You can also get Kendrick, Justin Bieber, Crass and Discharge versions of the toy.
Lauren O'Neill
Deep Ass Questions

Black Flag’s 'Damaged' Is an Iconic Record, so Why Isn’t It More Influential?

Did the iconic band's 1981 debut album push hardcore forward or did its delayed release take a toll?
David Anthony
Noisey News

Forget Rent, Buy This Black Flag Shirt for $265!

You can also buy a Joy Division shirt for $225.
Annalise Domenighini
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Henry Rollins Critique and Destroy Dr. Suess' 'Oh The Places You'll Go'

"Am I a pain in the ass? I'm complaining by the first page."
John Hill
we saw this

I Unknowingly Auditioned for Black Flag from a Craigslist Ad

That awkward moment when you realize the band you're auditioning for is actually the reformed Black Flag.
Jonathan Diener

'Out of Step' and My Year in Minor Threat: An Interview with Steve Hansgen

"... This was aggressive aggressive! Ian ruled with an iron fist. What he said won and he made sure it did. "
Tony Rettman
punk in love

We Got Gnarwolves To Review Some Classic Punk Bangers

This band know catchy melodies and good times. So we called up their bassist Charlie and got his thoughts on some Distillers, Black Flag, and Green Day classics.
Hannah Ewens
Longreads Or Whatever

The Strange Tale of Cult Sludge-Metal Band Iron Monkey

"We knew what we wanted to do and nobody could tell us any other way—a band like that is never going to last."
Harry Sword
the worst things of all time

What the Hell Is Wrong with the Cover of the New Black Flag Album?

We asked six artists to break it down for us.
Dan Ozzi

Black Flag Stop Suing People Long Enough To Release A New Song

A new song by Black Flag. No, not FLAG. The other Black Flag.
Dan Ozzi
The Jaded Punk

Kristen Stewart's Black Flag Tattoo Depresses the Hell Out of Me

Enjoy your tattoo, Kristen. I hope it sparkles in the sun.
Dan Ozzi