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A Sorcerer Re-Cast the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" Video with Muppets

Grover isn't fucking around.
Phil Witmer
Future Days

Rap Rock Is Actually Awesome and We Have Public Enemy to Thank for It

Last week, Public Enemy released their 14th album as a free download. We trace the group's impact, from 90s grunge to nü-metal and everything in between.
Drew Millard
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Inside The Beastie Boys' “Anti-Hate” Rally at Brooklyn’s Adam Yauch Park

Through blistering cold and wind, hundreds of Brooklynites joined Ad-Rock and others in calling for an end to the nationwide uptick of hate crimes in the wake of Donald Trump’s electoral victory.
John Surico
Noisey News

"I Reject Donald Trump's Vision of America" - Beastie Boys' Ad-Rock at Anti-Hate Rally

Ad-Rock spoke at a rally at Adam Yauch Park in Brooklyn Heights after it was vandalised with swastikas and the words "GO TRUMP."
Noisey Staff
Beastie Boys

John Berry, Founding Member of Beastie Boys, Has Died at 52

The guitarist played on their debut LP and once said he came up with the band's name.
Alex Robert Ross
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Someone Has Made 38 Hours of Playlists That Trace the Evolution of Hip-Hop

And you can listen to it for free.
Joe Zadeh

Doing MCA's Work: We Interviewed the Guy Who Created a Visual Companion to Paul's Boutique

Adam Yauch was never able to follow through with his plan of releasing a video for each Paul's Boutique track so this guy did it for him.
Jonathan Peltz

A Brief History of Musicians Saying That Their Own Music is Shit

"It's almost an embarrassment to play Smells Like Teen Spirit".
Ryan Bassil

The Noisey Guide to Jewish Rap

Or, rappers who are Jewish. With a little help from Lil Dicky.
Ryan Bassil