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Huh, Cardi B Is Really Good at ASMR

Hope you like whispering and wet mouth sounds!
Colin Joyce
Noisey News

Nick Cave's Life-Sized, Military-Style, "Homoerotic" Statue Is Going Ahead

Corin Johnson, the sculptor who designed the piece for Cave's hometown of Warracknabeal, describes it as "Louis 14th meets spiritual outlaw."
Alex Robert Ross

Inside the Surreal, Twisted Psyche of Cholo Goth Leafar Seyer

The Prayers frontman walks us through the inner spirits behind his first solo LA art show, 'The Pain Isn’t Over.'
John Ochoa
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Acid, Angels, Opera: An Ode to Two of Britain’s Greatest Artists

Mavericks Mica Levi and Dean Blunt came together for an opera that left our writer with more questions than answers.
Niloufar Haidari
Noisey News

Britney Spears Sold Her Painting to Robin Leach for $10,000

A new giant emerges in the art world.
Lauren O'Neill
New music

A Genius Has Put Chad Kroeger onto Post Malone and 21 Savage's "Rockstar"

"The original didn't pay any respect to the original rockstar, so I took matters into my own hands," the song's creator wrote.
Alex Robert Ross
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

DJ Khaled, Travis Scott, Rick Ross, and Big Sean's “On Everything” Video Is An Art

Four minutes of hanging at the mansion is followed by 30 seconds of intrigue. It's... genius.
Alex Robert Ross

From Throbbing Gristle to 'Art Sex Music,' Cosey Fanny Tutti Has Always Been a Fighter

We spoke to the controversial art rock icon about censorship and control (and nabbed an exclusive excerpt from her new memoir)
Ben Handelman
Internet Exploring

This Record Label Releases Albums That Are Almost Impossible to Play

As a commentary on music's increasing ease of availability, Auris Apothecary has released cassettes that are cut in half, CD-Rs covered in herbs, and more.
Miles Raymer
Internet Exploring

We Put a Bunch of Iconic Album Covers Through FaceApp, Obviously

Turning those frowns upside down for Prince, Morrissey, Adele and other people who really didn't deserve this.
Noisey Staff

The Art of Heavy Metal Defiance in the Middle East

At a recent panel discussion in London, Bassem Deaibes from Lebanese thrashers Blaakyum explained why reality is more devastating than fiction
Alex Deller

Meet Darius Moreno, the Artist Behind GoldLink’s ‘At What Cost’ Album

We catch up with the young artist whose bold and colourful style helps flavour GoldLink's DMV.
Tim Scott