Important Questions Raised By...

Important Questions Raised By...

The Hidden Art of Ordering the Names on a Festival Line-up

We speak to festival bookers and managers about why, in lineup release season, font size really does matter.
Danny Wright
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Who the Hell Listens to The Kaiser Chiefs in 2019?

Well, quite a few people, apparently. We spoke to them about why.
Rosie Hewitson
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We Asked People the Weirdest Fantasies They Have While Listening to Music

“I would imagine screaming the lyrics over this cliff edge, hurling all the anger at my family and friends below.”
Daisy Jones
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We Asked The 1975 Fans About Their Weirdest Online Relationships

“This girl I work with is always selling pictures of her feet... He likes it when she curls them around other objects.”
Annie Lord
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Science, Please, Explain Why Catchy Songs Loop in Our Heads Forever

Is there more to an earworm than a snappy hook? I spoke to various clever people in music (I needed to get 'Baby Shark' out of my head).
Patrick Heardman
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Some Questions for the Guy Who DJ'd Outside the Houses of Parliament

He appeared on Tuesday night, after the Brexit 'meaningful vote' result, spinning a special political set.
Patrick Heardman
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Men Told Us How Their Skincare Routines Compare to Frank Ocean's

Frank Ocean spoke to GQ about moisturising in poetic terms, so we asked some regular lads how they approach grooming.
Annie Lord
The End of an Era

HMV Meant a Lot to Music Fans for Ages – But Things Have Changed

As the company faces closure for the second time in six years, we hear from people about their memories of the British high street mainstay.
Georgia Evans

The Reality of How Generation Z Discovers New Music

In a world of algorithms, angry old music fans and no more HMV, what exactly draws the next generation to their new, favourite artists?
Ryan Bassil
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Look, Who is Buying The Greatest Showman Soundtrack and Why?

How has the soundtrack for a poorly received circus musical outsold everything else? Yeah, idk.
Kyle MacNeill
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What Your Favourite Christmas Song Says About You

It's time for a festive round of determining someone's personality based on their interests!
James Greig
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How Chris Helped Her Fans Better Understand Their Identities

I caught up with a bunch of them at her London show, and asked them questions they'd sent in themselves on a Reddit thread.
Jess Rose