Jake Lewis


5 Things We Learned From Watching Sports Team Live

Plus your chance to spend some time in their glitzy backstage area (sort of).
Ryan Bassil

Foals Will Be Drunk-Dancing Until the End of the World

I met frontman Yannis Philippakis in his south London flat to chat about their new album over a few drinks.
Ryan Bassil
Important Questions Raised By...

I Got Rat Boy’s Teenage Fans to Give Me Style Tips

"I don’t know why your jumper is so fluffy. I’m not into it."
Niloufar Haidari
Important Questions Raised By...

British Kids Tell Us Why They’re So Obsessed with Brockhampton

“They’re literally like 'I am gay, I am black – whatever.' We’re bored of boy bands with clean cut white boys.”
Annie Lord
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I Went Out in Hackney to Find the After-Hours Carnage Worrying the Council

But instead of anti-social behaviour, all I found were trendy cocktail bars, some important venues, and a council willing to tear it all down.
Michael Segalov
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How Could We Have Done Anything But Smash It at The Great Escape?

If you weren't at our stage on Friday... sorry. We had Octavian, slowthai, Ebenezer, Jaz Karis and Jofi Stone, and, in all honesty, it went off.
Ryan Bassil

Rejjie Snow Has Found Himself

After a half-decade-or-so and a struggle with identity, the release of debut record ‘Dear Annie’ presents an artist that’s come into his own.
Ryan Bassil

... It's A Selection of Photographs From Notting Hill Carnival!

How glorious.
Noisey UK Staff

Why Has Fatboy Slim Invited Me To His House To Eat Paper?

He’s been DJing for more than two decades, so we talked about a lot besides that.
Oobah Butler
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Very Chill Stoners Tell Us About Their Music Tastes

Come, spark one up: let's chat about your favourite songs and learn about the world.
Ryan Bassil
Glastonbury 2017

From Glamping to Blocked Coke Shits: How the Other Half Lives at Glastonbury

What is the version of the elite? And who is pushed to the margins of festival society? I went on a mission to find out.
Oobah Butler

Remembering Glastonbury 2017, and All the Moments Lost in Time

An ode to life, love and all the people we met along the way.
Ryan Bassil
Jake Lewis
Chris Bethell