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You Have to Applaud Steely Dan, Even If You Can't Stand Them

I saw them at Wembley Arena with my dad (obviously) and it felt very much like the last bastion of beat generation-inspired jazz.
Emma Garland
Noisey Hitlist

SOAK Is Back with Indie-Pop Love Letters to Small-Town Culture

The Mercury-nominated songwriter captures the sound of the local bar on Cure-esque track "Knock Me Off My Feet", which we're premiering below.
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First Dates

Hands Down This is the Best First Date with Chris Carrabba

I took the Dashboard Confessional frontman for coffee and shit got real deep real fast.
Emma Garland
Welcome To The Club (For Lonely Hearts)

La Dispute's 'Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair' is Still Perfect, Darling

Ten years on from its release, we look back at an album that remains treasured by fans, unsung by critics, and unexpectedly subversive within hardcore.
Emma Garland
Noisey Roundtable

Here's a Passionate “Thong Song” Roundtable for Sisqo's 40th Birthday

Pls everyone, let's gather round and discuss the world's most extra song about some pants.
Daisy Jones
Emma Garland
Lauren O'Neill
Joel Golby
Hannah Ewens

Placebo Reflect on 20 Years of Their Album 'Without You I'm Nothing'

We spoke to bassist Stefan Olsdal about intimacy, otherness and sticking to your convictions – all things that packed the album with enough gut punches to stand the test of two decades.
Emma Garland

Inside the Highly Strange World of Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

How an unlikely punk kid from Scranton began an emotional trap phenomenon in 'Gothboiclique' and how they move forward after Lil Peep's passing.
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Welcome To The Club (For Lonely Hearts)

Trust Fund's Final Album is the Best Thing You'll Ever Hear About Hating Music

If you’re prone to feeling confused and have an aversion to being earnest then 'Bringing The Backline' is for you.
Emma Garland

#FreeTylertheCreator and Reject Theresa May’s Dumb Logic

Despite being all about flowers and sunshine and love – and putting on the best Primavera performance – he remains banned from the UK.
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Welcome To The Club (For Lonely Hearts)

Black Eyed Peas' "I Gotta Feeling" Is the Most Depressing Song in Existence

Released on the edge of summer in 2009, this WOAT party anthem fills me with a sadness like no other.
Emma Garland
First Dates

A Fancy Hotel First Date with Nicky Wire of Manic Street Preachers

Ahead of the release of Manic Street Preachers 13th album 'Resistance is Futile', we spoke about dresses, Cardiff and, um, crisps.
Emma Garland
Fan Fiction

Babylon out of Business: A Britain Without Robbie Williams

Let us imagine, for a second, if our most iconic institution had never pursued a solo career after Take That.
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