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Craig David Is So Nice He Let Me Take the Credit for His Album Title

I wrote a 2015 piece called "Rise Craig David, Your Time Is Now". His new album's called 'The Time Is Now'. I called him about it.
Angus Harrison
Objectively Correct Lists

An Entirely Serious List of Albums That Open with the Strongest Bangers

Colin Hanks thinks no album starts better than U2’s 'Joshua Tree' but he’s clearly wrong.
Noisey UK Staff
Angus Harrison
Josh Baines

RIP Ugo Ehiogu, Who Brought Genuine Passion to a Cynical Music Business

The Dirty Hit Records co-founder and football legend passed away this morning at 44 years old.
Angus Harrison
Thinkpieces And Shit

What the Hell Happened to Pop House?

Disclosure announced they're "taking some time out", so what's left of the genre they were pegged to pioneer?
Angus Harrison
The Brits

Here’s What Happens When You Twitter-Shame the Brit Awards

What it takes to go from #BritsSoWhite in 2016 to the #WokeBrits a year later.
Angus Harrison

An Ode to the Digital Download, and Its Impending Death

What happens when the future dies before it’s happened?
Angus Harrison
The Noisey Guide to

How to Take Control of the Office Stereo Without Getting Sacked

Nail it, and you are a god. But get it wrong and you'll be treated like you did a shit in the photocopier.
Angus Harrison

Murdoc's Guide to Britain

An exclusive interview with the leader and bass player of the Gorillaz, about booze, Brexit, Ringo Starr and 'Carry on Matron'.
Angus Harrison

Rewound and Rejuvenated: Craig David Is Having the Time of His Life

"I feel like a 16-year-old again... I've realised what really matters."
Angus Harrison
festivals 2016

Sober, Safe, and Focused: Meet the Teenagers of Reading 2016

“I’m not drinking and I don’t do any drugs. I don’t like the idea of never being able to have fun without the help of a substance when I’m older.”
Angus Harrison

Reflections on 'Demon Days': How Gorillaz Turned Global Turmoil into a British Pop Masterpiece

Eleven years since its release, we can recognise it for what it was: a thrilling allegory set on the precipice of an increasingly dark stretch of modern history.
Angus Harrison
Important Questions Raised By...

An Investigation Into Theresa May's Proper Horrible Taste in Music

May told the BBC's 'Desert Island Discs' that if you were trapped on an island with her, all she would play is Abba, church music, and clips from 'Yes Minister' – which bodes well for Britain.
Angus Harrison