Tarantüla Return With More Lapel Ripping Punk Rock

Stream the new EP from the Chicago punks who have a habit of getting rowdy.

Oct 31 2017, 9:26am

Image: Martin Sorrondeguy

This article originally appeared on Noisey Australia.

Cülo were an infectious and rowdy punk band from Chicago. Now, three quarters of them kick on as Tarantüla, an outfit that is equally as ferocious and surly. Weird Tales of Radiation and Hate, Tarantüla's new five-track EP (that you can stream below), was mastered by the legendary GEZA X, who worked with early California punk bands including the Dead Kennedys, Germs, Redd Kross, and Black Flag.

Songs such as "Oozing Skull" and "Computer Ate My Brain" fly by at hyper speed but a gruff and rough melody sits underneath the fast guitars and shouted vocals.

'Weird Tales of Radiation and Hate' is available now on Deranged.