And we've got a track premiere of his new tune "Flying" to prove it.

Get ready to wet your pants eski fans! Though, like every other media outlet ever, Noisey's had a sometimes strained relationship with the "elusive" Wiley, when something like a track premiere turns up in your inbox everything is magically forgiven. So, yeah, Big Dada casually dropped this exclusive off in our inbox this morning and we lost our shit:

Wiley returns to Big Dada and to grime - the genre he invented and loves above all else - with a blistering new single. If you wanted evidence that Wiley's hunger and fire are undiminished, "Flying" is it. In fact, Wiley might be the first MC whose hunger is never diminished by considerable commercial success. Raw, impassioned, effortlessly virtuosic, "Flying" is a blazing return to form. Produced by Zdot, "Flying" comes as further evidence that grime is undergoing a second golden age. A collaborative effort with Wiley's own A-List imprint, Big Dada are proud to present a street anthem for the summer.

I know right? While I've still got you lathered up and hyperventilating over Wiley, check out when he actually turned up to a shoot as part of our Noisey Meets:

Watch the rest HERE and for more grime on Noisey

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