Listen to the satisfyingly ominous 2.0 version of JJ DOOM's "GUV'NOR".

This new BADBADNOTGOOD remix of JJ DOOM's previous release is a hundred times bleaker than the original. "GUV’NOR" 2.0 is a sparse, rumbling track that opens with a sample that’s straight up Walking Dead. With a brooding bassline that gives way at the final moment and lyrics that are all children eating carnivores and creepy attempts at cockney, "GUV’NOR" is ominous in a way this new version pulls off perfectly.

Though clocking in at just under three minutes, "GUV’NOR" is a track that will stand out from the new cut of Key to the Kuffs, entitled Butter Version. The latest edition promises to be as good, if not better than its predecessor, and will feature some glossy edits of previous tracks as well as some fresh new ones from the likes of Beck and Thom Yorke. Oooh, fancy!

You can stream and pre order it here.

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