Slide from 3AM Dancefloor to Sunrise with Poliça's "Lipstick Stains"

We're premiering the video for the band's new Boys Noize-produced track.

Apr 20 2017, 2:00pm

Every now and then, there comes the point at a festival or rave when you look around realise you don't know anyone you're dancing with. The moment could hit somewhere near 3AM, the cavity in your chest doing that thing where you can't tell whether it feels like it's vibrating because of the bass or whatever substance you ingested about an hour earlier. These are the times when trying to focus on the characters leaping around on a smartphone screen are no longer worth hassle. You give over to the music playing. That's basically what the intro to this pounding, insistent and melancholy new Poliça song, "Lipstick Stains" sounds like.

The track appeared online earlier this week, but we're premiering the video from the Minneapolis band now. Its thumping bass, produced by Boys Noize, lifts the synthpop act from the polite clatter of your headphones and repositions them as the soundtrack to the sesh winding down. "Lipstick Stains" straddles both the dancefloor and the living room floor where you're curled up when the night's just turning into day, reunited with the mates you briefly lost and gearing up for two whole days of your body clock being recalibrated to a nocturnal setting. The video itself only really hints at the industrial space of a warehouse in its location, filled instead with warm light and the winding figures of choreographer and artist Nkechi Njaka and Poliça frontwoman Channy Leaneagh twisting around each other.

"The video was shot in a small studio in northeast Minneapolis by director Adam Dunn using only his iPhone," Channy told Noisey. "I've always wanted to create a dance piece with my friend Nkechi Njaka – a choreographer and neuroscientist who has mentored me over the years in how to use meditation and movement as a live performer – and someone I really respect and am inspired by constantly. This was an opportunity to create movement with her in real time to a song that I care very much about." Along with "Lipstick Stains", single "Still Counts" (featuring vocals from Spank Rock) is due out as part of a double A-side 7-inch Record Store Day release. You can get both tracks digitally here, if that's more the sort of thing you do. If you're in North America, you can catch the band on a spring tour, including one date opening for New Order in California:

21 April: Greek Theatre (early show) – Berkeley, CA *
21 April: Cornerstone (late show) – Berkeley, CA
11 May: Upstream Music Fest – Seattle, WA
16 June: Eaux Claires – Eau Claire, WI
28 June: Wayhome Music & Arts – Toronto, ON

* with New Order

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