Vashti Bunyan Has a Brand New, Beautiful Song, "Across The Water"

"Across The Water" is on Vashti's new album 'Heartleap,' her first in nine years.

Photo by Whyn Lewis

What are those airhorn sounds you hear? Oh yeah, NEW VASHTI BUNYAN! Okay, now quiet down your screams of excitement because it's time to get reflective and focus on the beautifully meandering guitar and kalimba plinks of "Across the Water." "Every day is every day/can't tell one from the other," Vashti sings, operating with quiet grace and patience. Later, she suggests, "learn to follow the grace of it all/as stones skip across the water."

"Across The Water" is from Vashti's upcoming album, Heartleap, which is due out October 6 on Fat Cat in the UK and October 7 on DiCristina in North America. The follow-up to 2005's acclaimed Lookaftering (yes, it's her first album of new music in nine years), Heartleap is, according to Vashti, a slightly more personal affair, relying on her own production rather than others' arrangements and following a stripped-down electronic aesthetic that works in a wide variety of synthesised instruments. Be on the lookout for more from Vashti in the months ahead and check out "Across The Water" below: