The RedTube Album

We spoke to the guy who made an album out of porn samples.

You’d think that a record made from porn samples would be full of titillating groans and grunts. The RedTube Album, goes down a bleaker route, eschewing the shrieks of faked orgasm for the tawdry, pre-penetration interview and rhythmic drones of slapped and patted private parts. Whimpering voices answering how old they are and when they first had sex makes for pretty upsetting listening; taken out of context, the desperation and exploitation sound obvious. So if you don’t already feel sheepish about watching porn in-between all the dead eyes and broken dreams then this record might just make you reset your content filters.

There have also been two videos made to go with the album, splicing together clips of various blue movies until all you can see is glassy stares, vinegar strokes and 99 cent lip-gloss. I caught up with its creator Anthony Ing and was glad to find out that he hasn’t become a dribbling pervert ruined by obsessively watching too much porn.

Noisey: Where did the idea for the album come from?

Anthony: I wanted a project that would force me to learn how to sample properly. I figured if I could make an entire album out of porn-sounds then I could go on to sample just about anything. But also because the world of online porn is so surreal and otherworldly that it seemed novel to make a kind of 'audio document' of it. In twenty years the website, and the overall landscape of online porn, could be completely different. I like to think that this album captures how it is right now: a big sticky disorientated mess.

What did it practically involve?

Spending a lot of time on RedTube (clearly), listening out for open melodic phrases in the background music, and potential drum hits, saving everything in a big soundbank, loading the sounds into a software sampler, triggering the samples manually, and using trial and error until a groove gets going. Then repeating that process over and over.

What have the reactions been?

Really good actually, pleased to see so many people downloading it. RedTube even tweeted about it, which is funny as it doesn't exactly paint them in a great light, but I guess they're not trying to be saints.

Do you feel desensitised to porn now?

I did for a bit. If you watch it for hours it all starts to look pretty farcical. But obviously it's not designed to be viewed objectively.

What is Hometape?

That's my alias. It was actually the original title of the song "Rec" but I decided to make it my name instead. It works as a permanent excuse for the technical shoddiness of my music.

The videos for the songs are really good, who made them?

Thanks. Charlie Lyne (of Ultra Culture fame) did the "Hey There" video and I did the "Vintage Upload II" video myself.

Finally, what other music do you make?

I used to rap! I think that was misguided. At the moment I'm hooked on general beatmaking, but I'm not quite sure if I'm any good at it. Sometimes it feels a little pointless going through old records when they've been flipped so masterfully by Dilla and Doom and that, but it's fun to try.

I'm making a slapdash beat-mixtape thing on the side and developing ideas for something more interesting. Anything that doesn't involve gallons of semen would be nice.

Amen to that. Thanks Anthony!