SpaceGhostPurrp: “Come And Get You Some”

SpaceGhostPurrp heads to the strip club in this space-caked antithesis to baby making music.

Do you know what SpaceGhostPurrp is gonna do? He’s going to get your pussy wet. Sure, he might take you for a couple of strawberry daiquiris. Maybe, he’s got a free house and he wants to invite you over to “watch a film”. But, the main sole intention is that he’s going to drench your body in some antithesis to Prince purple wetness, all while this gloriously space-caked hole of a track plays. It’s a nice thought, right!?

At least the man is being upfront, though. He knows what he wants. If his new visuals are anything to go by, there’ll be no frontin’ with Purrp. It’s all in the vein of tasteful strip-club erotica though, so maybe he’s some sort of stoned, pill-popping version of Hugh Hefner?