Here's Pete Doherty Calling VICE, "Cynical, Corrupt, Drug and Sex Obsessed Pioneers of Underground Journalism"

Thanks, mate!

Jan 27 2016, 4:41pm

Every so often, the Noisey office in China goes and does something without telling us, and three weeks later a video or an article surfaces in our inbox. A couple months ago, they surprised us and interviewed energy driven chanteuse QT of PC Music. This time they've smashed the hammer on the bell-bottom of surprises and hit the jackpot – they interviewed The Libertines frontman Pete Doherty.

Over the course of eight or so minutes, we learn a couple things about Doherty: his first failed ambition was applying for a course at UCL and not getting in, his ringtone is "Uptown Ranking" by Jamaican teenage singers Althea and Donna, he still really likes to smoke cigarettes, and he has quite poetic reflections to impart on the Paris atrocities. He's also asked about that infamous interview he gave at age seventeen while in the queue to buy an Oasis album, and we learn that he wasn't into Oasis as much he seemed to suggest.

"I just wanted to get on telly. I wasn't a massive Oasis fan, but I had to be in order to get on the telly. So I grabbed a cardboard cut-out of Liam Gallagher and a cardboard cut-out of Noel Gallagher from the front of the HMV. But then I said that thing about the trousers, and now everyone says: were you obsessed with Oasis when you were 17? I wasn't. I just wanted to get on the telly. I bought every newspaper the next day and there wasn't one photograph of me in there."

Most importantly though, the interview ends with a message to Noisey's mother, VICE. After speaking for a little bit about his bandmate Carl Barat, he's asked about the subject of soul-mates and replies:

"My heart melts that VICE – those cynical, corrupt, drug and sex obsessed, y'know, pioneers of the underground world of journalism – are actually asking me about soul-mates, because it's a beautiful thing that we should all believe in. I miss my friend. [Carl] is my soul-mate, I love him, that's the truth. VICE are never going to forgive you for asking that: something so pure, and beautiful, and true. They're going to say a soul-mate is a myth and bang! When they experience a soul-mate though, that's what destroys the myth."

We agree, Pete. Soul mates are beautiful, and pure, and true. We're just so cold hearted we can't hold a friendship together for more than three months and have never experienced the warm and wet bosom of our one true love. Anyway: watch the interview (after waiting for the miniscule countdown on the page to tick down) below.