Premiere: The Age Of L.U.N.A - "Six Feet Deep"

The Age of L.U.N.A are one of the few British groups standing above hashtag themed rap or grime to create something soulful.

Jan 19 2015, 10:41am

Think about soulful music - songs by Erykah Badu, Tribe Called Quest, Fela Kuti; tracks that've been infused with unrelenting energy for life. Combine those earthly influences with a British accent and you've got The Age Of L.U.N.A, one of the few British rap groups who, despite being an average age of 18, are standing above hashtag themed rap to create something more wholesome than a forgettable hook. Having formed back in 2013, the group are starting this year on a wave with the release of new track "Six Feet Deep", which we're premiering above. Listen and you'll hear elements of fellow Londoners Hawk House, Chance the Rapper, and production that's indebted to the likes of Soulelection, Iman Omari, and the array of delectable rarities that can be found when spending hours getting lost on Soundcloud.

You can catch Age of Luna on Twitter: @AgeofLuna