Azealia Banks Still Hasn't Got An Album Out

But new cut "BBD" MIGHT be the pre-cursor to one, who knows.

Jan 2 2013, 11:22am

I mean, Banks is nothing if not consistent, I don't think she's put out one track since "212" yet that hasn't flexed her diversity, with both the vogue heavy 1991 EP to the seapunk inspired Fantasea mixtape keeping her on everyone's lips. But, that said, most of last year was like, "uhhh, OK cool, but when are you going to put an album out B?"

So "BBD" or "Bad Bitches Do It" is yet ANOTHER track to placate the Harlem motormouth's fans, until her Interscope debut, Broke With Expensive Taste finally sees the light of day. Co-produced by Apple Juice Kid and Sup Doodle, its frantic drums and bass drops combined with Banks' now familiar boss-bitch rhymes makes for great listening, but if she doesn't pop out that debut soon, I predict even her biggest Stans are going to get bored as shit of waiting.