Rudimental: “Not Giving In” Video

The London four-piece visit Manila for their latest mini-movie of a video.

Oct 17 2012, 9:16am

PHILIPPINES STAND UP! PINOY POWER! No, but really, London four-piece Rudimental, who surprised everyone earlier this year by getting to number one in the UK with a drum & bass track for the first time in forever, are back with their video for "Not Giving In" filmed in the Philippines. The video follows two brothers in Manila's shanty towns, opening with them being chased by a guy wielding a bolo knife. Apparently the whole thing is loosely based around b-boy champion Mouse and his older brother, one who escaped the city's underbelly and the other who didn't. It could've ended up being poverty porn but, instead, the whole thing makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

While I'm not exactly wild about the song, probably because I'm a horrible misanthrope and this is an unashamedly feel-good dance track, I fully expect it to be another enduring club banger for the boys.