Let South London's Jodie Abacus Bring That "Good Feeling" With a Heavy Dosage of Funk

Sitting somewhere between Thundercat and that Pharrell song about being happy.

15 October 2015, 9:00am

Something about Jodie Abacus' music just has that funk. Like a poppier version of Thundercat's "Oh Sheit, It's X!", his latest track "Good Feeling" literally bubbles along like a cool, cascading jettison of undiluted fizzy pop - happy, up-beat, and a prerequisite to getting up and busting some moves. It's no surprise then that earlier this year the South London singer smashed the top of the Hype Machine chart, amassing over 100,000 plays with his debut single "I'll Be That Friend".

Watch the video for "Good Feeling" below.