Iman Omari Flipped Ryan Leslie and Cassie's "Addiction" Into a Red-Eyed Slumber Party

Taken from his High-Loops tape.

18 April 2014, 9:00am

The internet isn’t a competition that can be “won” or a shop that can be “shut down”, it’s just really big. Thousands of songs are uploaded to Soundcloud each day and starting now, we’re going to sort through them and present you with our favourites. This week:

Admittedly, we missed out on "Addicted [Flip]" the first time round but after this week's drop of "GreenLight [Flip]" and "Freaky [Flip]" we've caught up to two weeks ago.

I'm going to find it hard to talk about Iman Omari without sounding like a guy who is typing this from his beanbag, such is the lowkey vibe to his music - so let's just say that dude has killed it over the past year, providing beats for rappers on both sides of the Atlantic (Mac Miller, Hawk House AND a song on the only game that matters, GTA V). This time round he flips Ryan Leslie and Cassie's classic into a red-eyed slumber party where the snacks and conversation never run dry.

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