Adi Ulmansky: "Shit Just Got Real" Mixtape Exclusive

Tel Aviv's Adi is back with a batshit new mixtape.

Jan 15 2013, 10:00am

After premiering her batshit debut video for "A.D.I" I think everyone fell a lot in love with Israeli singer and producer Adi Ulmansky. Like the human embodiment of a My Little Pony, Adi's galloped into the world of electronica music in a flurry of pastel colours and Sega Megadrive sounds, with a style that's sort of part early M.I.A, part anime soundtrack and part, I dunno, Flosstradamus-y trap?

It only gets more difficult trying to assign a genre to her mixtape "Shit Just Got Real", so just soak it up and have a little desk dance to it instead.