Know Your Saints: Saint Raymond, Saint Pepsi, and Saint Motel

We investigate the sudden rise in bands with Saint in their name.

Sep 1 2014, 9:00am

From Saint Pepsi to Saint Raymond and Saint Motel, all of a sudden there are a handful of bands that have Saint in their name. Why now? Who are they? Is there anything vaguely religious about their music? Have they earned the right to call themselves saints? Will their music save your soul? We investigate.

Who: Callum Burrows
Where: Nottingham, England
Why: He once lived on a road called Saint Street and his grandfather's name was Raymond.

This 19-year-old Brit has drawn lots of comparisons to Beatles-lookalike Jake Bugg, mostly because when they strum a guitar and sing into a microphone they both sound terrible. Callum has dropped three EPs under the Saint Raymond moniker, the first of which he wrote and released independently. Now signed with Atlantic Records, he's working on his debut album with Jacknife Lee, who's produced for everyone from Two Door Cinema Club to Crystal Castles to One Direction.

Last spring, he hit the road with HAIM, and he just signed on to open for the European leg of Ed Sheeran's Multiply Tour, which will put him in front of more than 400,000 people. In other words, he's about to have an enormous fanbase of teenage girls who scream loudly and declare their undying love in strings of 140 characters.

Who: Ryan DeRobertis
Where: Farmingville, New York
Why: The name popped into his head while drinking a—you guessed it!—Pepsi.

This 21-year-old Boston College dropout makes electro-tinged feel-good pop. His sound is experimental, but also goes down easy. A tall order, sure, but we're talking about the guy who managed to turn Carly Rae Jepsen's candy-coated hit "Call Me Maybe" into a heartwrenching slow jam.(Seriously.)

For never releasing a studio album, Saint Pepsi has an impressively length. But he just signed to Carpark Records, so his full-length debut will be coming soon. In the meantime, fire up his most recent, and most riveting, single (above).

Who: A/J Jackson (slash is his), Aaron Sharp, Dak, and Greg Erwin
Where: Los Angeles, California
Why: There are multiple conflicting stories about what this band is named after, including but not limited to: the location they all met, a motel in South Korea, and a 60s porno movie

This indie-pop quartet, who's opened for everyone from Arctic Monkeys
to Weezer, released their first album, Voyeur, way back in 2012, and then they seemingly fell off the face of the Earth. Turns out they were just holed up in the studio, working on their new gem of a EP.

The band suddenly splashed back onto the scene last month with "My Type," which was quickly followed by the equally gleeful-sounding single "Cold Cold Man." Seriously, the word "ebullient" is not the kind of adjective you can throw around lightly, but it's the only way to fully describe this EP. They definitely earned that Saint status.

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