Is the UK Finally Going to Get a Good TV Show About Music?

Four to the Floor airs this Wednesday and features Little Simz, Mac De Marco, and Young Fathers.

Sep 22 2014, 10:45am

You're a TV plugger and you're looking to give an up-and-coming artist the shot that they deserve. Where do you go? Jools Holland exists - but aside from that you're pretty much relegated to a slot on Soccer AM, a quiz show, or a feature on a program like Made In Chelsea. And even then, no one legitimately wants to be on Made In Chelsea, and to grab a spot on the others the artist needs to have some sort of household relevance, essentially excluding any young, fresh, exciting artists in lieu of Chris Martin.

Ever since The Hollyoaks Music Show in Association with (which featured Wiley but was otherwise objectively terrible), there hasn't really been a terrestrial television show highlighting radically new music - which is where Four to the Floor steps in.

Created by the team behind BBC 2's No Hats No Trainers, the show has been commissioned for four 30 minute slots on Channel 4. You can watch a trailer above. James Payne, company director at Lemonade Money (the team behind the series), says "each show is a kind of mad journey through documentary film, performance, animation and music video with no presenter. We aren’t arsed about genre, we just want to show some good music and video."

This - the fact that someone wants to put good music and good videos on TV again - is a good thing. But what's even better is the selection of artists, mostly British, who will be appearing over the next couple weeks. The first episode features Little Simz and Denzel Himself and episode two features the Mercury nominated Young Fathers. Joey Bada$$, Majid Jordan, Mac De Marco, and other musicians from across the pond will also feature over the coming weeks.

Watch the first episode this Wednesday, midnight, on Channel 4.