Alluring, Beautiful, and Packed With Lust, Here's the Debut EP From Forever

Forever isn't actually a person; Forever is an idea. (Honestly).

Feb 3 2016, 12:22pm

Perhaps the reason it's hard to find information on Montreal-rooted artist Forever is because Forever isn't actaully a person. Noisey is told that Forever is an idea; a reiteration of themes on wantonness, desire, and the endeavour to regain self-identity after love. Until now, the one track posted up on Forever's Soundcloud page – a number called "Every Second" that's a still, shattering meditation on beauty – is the only material that's been released. Today that changes, because we're premiering Forever's EP.

Similar to an artist like FKA twigs, Forever's soundscapes leap and bound, from simple and sparse to waves of embracing textures, all flecked with a varying degrees of lust and tenseness. It's all quite alluring. Take a listen to the EP below.